4 groups of people are at risk of dry eye syndrome, if not corrected in time, it is very dangerous

If you’ve recently felt your eyes have become weaker, more sensitive to bright light, and no longer able to see clearly, you may have dry eye.

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Dry eye syndrome is common to everyone because most people are constantly exposed to cell phones and computer screens these days. In particular, if you belong to one of the following groups, your risk of developing dry eye is very high!

Group 1: Frequent use of electronic screens
Looking at the blue light emitted by a mobile phone or computer screen for a long time can easily cause eyestrain. Due to work reasons, many people have to constantly operate these electronic devices with the naked eye. However, you should make it a habit to rest your eyes for about 5 minutes after looking at electronic devices for 30 minutes. You can also gently close your eyes to moisturize the surface of the eyeball, reduce eye endurance, and improve dryness.

Group 2: Often stay up late
Staying up late often means the eyes don’t have time to rest, reducing the eye’s ability to recover. This can also affect the tear secretion process, leading to prolonged dry eye.

Group 3: Poor and Unbalanced Diet
A lack of vitamin A or Omega-3 in the body can cause dry eye. If you lose weight on an empty stomach, but do not eat fish, nuts, animal liver, carrots and other foods, your body will easily lack nutrients, and your eyes will not get enough nutrition. for good regulation.

Group 4: Long-term contact lens wear
While contact lenses are convenient for many people, don’t overuse them! Because these glasses cover the surface of the eyeball and interfere with the natural flow of tears. Therefore, you should only wear contact lenses about 1-2 days a week, and you should not rest your eyes too often to avoid dryness.

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