5 Habits That Will Make You Live Longer

Practice these healthy habits for yourself, and you’ll have a healthy body, get sick less often, and help you live longer.

Practice these healthy habits for yourself, and you’ll have a healthy body, get sick less often, and help you live longer.

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How to live a long and healthy life is a question that many people care about. Besides eating healthy and exercising, there are many other things we can do every day to extend our lifespan.

Recently, People’s Daily published a habit that can help people live longer. If you can do these 5 things, you will not only be physically fit, but mentally happy and refreshed as well.

Task 5: Get enough sleep
At present, many people have sleep problems such as difficulty falling asleep, insomnia or staying up late. Even young people have this problem. If sleep is not guaranteed, people are prone to health problems. Lack of sleep will slow down the body’s metabolism and detoxification, causing various diseases and shortening lifespan.

To improve sleep quality, you can drink warm milk, soak your feet, massage your feet…promote blood circulation, relax your body, and help you fall asleep. Make sure to sleep 7-8 hours a day.

Task 4: Avoid prolonged sitting
Due to the nature of work, many people have to sit in front of computer screens for long periods of time. This not only damages the joints, spine, cervical spine, but also adversely affects the health of the internal organs. Sitting for long periods of time reduces life expectancy.

Task 3: Cut Calories and Fat
Foods that contain a lot of calories and fats like cakes, fried foods… are not good for your health. They may have an enticing taste, but if eaten regularly, it can affect the body’s cardiovascular system, blood vessels, blood sugar. If you want to live longer, you should cut calories and fat.

Controlling the daily calorie and fat intake can help avoid the risks of various diseases such as metabolism, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and hypertension, thereby contributing to longevity.

Task 2: Jog
Inactivity is one of the causes of many diseases and shortened life expectancy. Running is a sport suitable for all ages. Both men and women can practice, regardless of time or place.

Just 20 minutes of jogging a day can do a lot for your body. Not only does it help improve digestion and metabolism in the body, it also helps boost cardiorespiratory fitness and makes bones and joints softer.

Task 1: Sing
You might be surprised by this number one. In fact, singing can help you live longer. First of all, when singing, increase lung capacity and strengthen the heart. Therefore, singing helps improve cardiorespiratory fitness. At the same time, heart and lung diseases are also an important reason for shortening human lifespan. Exercising your heart and lungs by singing is an easy thing anyone can do.

In addition, singing loudly is also a way to relax the body and bring spiritual benefits. Many older adults often live alone, lack communication with those around them, and have no age-appropriate recreational activities. If they can sing regularly and participate in some group activities, it can boost their spirits, avoid boredom and depression, and help prolong their life.

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