6 things to do in the morning to help the body remove toxins and live longer without worrying about disease

After getting up, do these 6 things well, not only will you feel refreshed for a day, but your liver will never get sick for a lifetime.

Certain habits you wake up in the morning can affect your health and mental state for the day. After getting up, do these 6 things well, not only will you feel refreshed for a day, but your liver will never get sick for a lifetime.

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Lie in bed for about 5 minutes
In fact, when we get up for the first time in the morning, our blood pressure is relatively high. If we get up too fast, it will cause dizziness and increase the pulse pressure. Therefore, after getting up, you should lie in bed for about 5 minutes and exercise gently to give your body time to move from a “resting” state into an active, gradually awake state.

When you sleep, you may have been lying in a curled-up, prone, or side-lying position…these positions make you feel uncomfortable when you wake up. Therefore, when you wake up in the morning, you should do some exercise to activate the muscles, help them relax, balance, and help the blood circulation in the body.

Drink water
After waking up, our body goes through a night of circulation and metabolism, so drink a glass of water in time to replenish water, promote blood circulation in the body, and at the same time have a stimulating effect. like spirit. like spirit. like spirit. Intestinal push. , to prevent constipation. But pay attention to brushing your teeth before drinking water in the morning to prevent oral bacteria from entering your body.

Go to the toilet
5-7 am is the detoxification time of the large intestine meridian. At this time, the bowel movement is faster, so the bowel movement should be timely. Many people may have irregular bowel movements, but it is recommended to defecate every morning to eliminate toxins in the body in time and prevent constipation.

If possible, it’s best to go to the gym first. Some favorite yoga moves, walks, some stretches. Anything can be a great way to wake up the body and release endorphins. Thanks to this, you will have a better day.

Eat breakfast on time
Today, many people don’t eat breakfast very much because they think that eating breakfast is to keep fit. But not eating breakfast in time can affect the body’s bile excretion process. Often skipping breakfast can easily lead to stone formation. Skipping breakfast will also affect the body’s metabolism, resulting in poor metabolism and easy to gain weight.

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