6 tips to help you charge your phone battery faster

Smartphones have dramatically changed our lives. But the downside of this device is the long charging time. To save time and charge your phone faster, don’t skip this article.

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Manage your apps and downloads

Some apps may still be running in the background without your knowledge. However, that doesn’t mean you have to close all apps in the multitasking menu. Force-closing these apps can actually use more power. Instead, go to your battery settings, where you’ll find a list of the apps that use the most battery, and close or limit those apps.

Wired charging will be faster than wireless

Wireless charging is a relatively new form of phone charging. While convenient, it’s not actually an efficient way to charge. When using a wireless charger, it can take twice as long to fully charge your phone compared to traditional methods.

In short, when using a charging cable, the power supply is usually connected directly to your phone. But with wireless methods, a lot of power is lost in the form of heat. Therefore, it is more energy efficient and faster to charge your phone with a normal data cable.

Set to power saving mode

Phones can also become overloaded with constant use, especially with so many apps running in the background. So battery saver mode can significantly save your phone charging time.

Different phone designs have different power saving settings. What all of these power saving modes have in common is that they reduce a few things like screen brightness, CPU power, and data usage. So focus on charging your phone instead of running unnecessary systems.

Invest in “genuine” chargers

Fast charging works by quickly charging your phone to a certain percentage and then slowing it down to normal charging speed. Standard USB 2.0 has an output of 2.5W, while newer, faster chargers have an output of 18W to 100W.

Clean the charging port

The charging port is usually a place that few people care about when using their phone. Dirt and lint can accumulate in the charging port. Over time, this may be the reason why the phone doesn’t charge fast enough, as non-conductive contamination prevents current from entering the port.

Use special tools to clean the charging port. Do not use sharp objects. Improper cleaning can cause serious damage. You can also keep dust out by purchasing a charging port cover.

If the battery is dead, it should be replaced with a new one.

The chemistry of lithium batteries degrades over time. So if your phone is still charging slowly after following all the tips on this list, it might be time to upgrade. On some phones, you can check battery health. If not, you can download some apps to check your battery capacity and health.

In some cases, you can replace the battery while keeping your phone. However, most modern smartphones don’t have removable batteries, so slow charging is usually a sign that your phone has reached the end of its lifespan.

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