Drinks that “damage the liver and kidney” should be quit as soon as possible

Drinking water seems simple and not dangerous, but if you drink it the wrong way, it can lead to unpredictable dangers. -Life and Health

Drinking water is the simplest and most common thing, but drinking water in the wrong way will greatly affect the internal organs and even endanger health.

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While there is no set schedule like drinking water with three meals a day, there are some harmful drinking habits you need to avoid:

Only drink water when thirsty

Drink to quench thirst. Many people think it makes sense to drink water when you are thirsty, but this is a misconception and is bad for your health.

Drinking water is also divided into active drinking water and passive drinking water. Most people choose to drink water passively, that is, drink water when they are thirsty, but at this time, the lack of water in the body becomes very important. important. important. Severe and long-term dehydration can increase blood viscosity and cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Ideally, everyone should actively drink water, 1-2 sips of water occasionally, several times a day.

Drink plenty of water before bed

Drinking a little water before going to bed can prevent the increase of blood viscosity at night, but be careful not to drink more water, so as not to increase the amount of urine at night, damage the kidneys, and affect blood flow. to blood. flow. to the kidneys. .sleep.

Drink water immediately after exercise

It is important to note that you should not drink a lot of water immediately after strenuous exercise or sweating a lot, and it is best to rehydrate 30 minutes before and after exercise. Because after exercise, the heart rate increases and the capillaries dilate. If you drink water immediately, it is easy to damage the heart, spleen and kidney.

Drink water immediately after meals

Drinking water is always beneficial, but drinking water immediately after a meal can dilute the amount of digestive enzymes in the body, making it difficult for the body to digest the large amount of food it has just absorbed.

Nutritionists have confirmed that drinking water immediately after meals can have adverse effects on the body; interrupting the actual time it takes to digest food by diluting gastric juices and causing heartburn.

When the digestive system is disturbed, the food that enters the body is not fully digested. Glucose in food is converted into fat and stored in the body, leading to elevated insulin levels, elevated blood sugar, obesity and diabetes.

It is best to drink a little water before meals to help digest food better. In addition, drinking water with meals is also considered good because it adds moisture to food and helps the body avoid digestive and bowel problems such as constipation.

Replace water with other beverages

Water such as soda, coffee, etc. is loved by many people, and some people even drink water every day instead of filtered water. This is very dangerous.

People with kidney deficiency do not like carbonated soft drinks, fruit juice, coffee and other beverages, because the sugar and phosphorus in these beverages can promote the elimination of calcium in the body. Calcium content in water. The urinary tract also increases, which can lead to the formation of kidney stones. The kidney’s microenvironment also plays a role.

In addition, regular consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages increases blood uric acid levels, triggers gout, and increases the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes, which are important factors in health. kidney.

Drink strong tea for a long time

Strong tea contains a large amount of theophylline, which has a rapid diuretic effect, promotes the rapid entry of human toxins into the kidneys, damages glomeruli and renal tubules, and damages renal function.

Especially drinking tea after drinking can cause undigested alcohol to enter the kidneys prematurely, causing damage to the kidneys. This type of damage, while subtle, can accumulate over time and have serious consequences.

Drinking the right amount of water can not only prevent kidney disease, but also eliminate potential diseases in advance. Here are 8 water doctors often drink that you should try too.

Not drinking enough water

The consequence of not drinking enough water is not only the feeling of thirst, but also the body’s inability to metabolize the “waste” in the body, which gradually accumulates into toxins in the viscera.

Drinking less water can also lead to concentrated urine, which is prone to kidney stones, nephritis and other diseases.

Drinking boiled water many times affects health

Many people think that drinking as much water as possible is better for your health because it kills bacteria, but doing so can be very harmful.


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