Alcoholic food that many people often eat together without even knowing it

Alcohol is bad for your health, and when combined with the following foods, it’s like “poisoning” the body.

During the Spring Festival holiday, fast-food dishes prepared by housewives in the refrigerator for reception guests, such as bacon sausages, cold cuts, spring rolls… are becoming more and more popular. With the standard of convenience, no cooking, suitable taste, and at the same time increasing the taste of wine, many families choose to receive guests during the Spring Festival.

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However, according to nutritionists, these fast foods contain preservatives, which contain many colorants and nitrosamines. When combined with alcohol, these substances can adversely affect not only the liver, throat, but also cancer-causing bacteria.

Moreover, in the smoked food containing organic amino acids, polycyclic hydrocarbons, amino acids and even benzopyrene and other metamorphic substances will be produced during the processing.

Drinking too much beer can lead to increased blood alcohol levels, and the above substances in smoked foods can combine with each other and cause gastrointestinal diseases and even tumors.

Also, when drinking alcohol, try to limit the following foods:

Spicy food
Spicy food can increase the burden on the stomach. Combined with heavy drinking, the condition worsened. Eating spicy, acidic foods and alcohol can actually cause acid reflux and heartburn.

French fries
In fact, when you drink beer, the alcohol causes the body to produce enzymes that promote fat absorption.

So, keep in mind that not only can French fries not be eaten with beer or wine, but also fried foods, as it accelerates fat absorption.

Studies have shown that if the carotene in carrots is combined with alcohol, it can produce toxins in the liver, which can have adverse health effects. Especially when carrot juice is mixed with alcohol, the harm is more serious.

The research was published in the journal Food Chemistry. This is the first scientific evidence of the toxicity of the combination of durian and alcohol.

Researchers at the University of Tsukuba in Japan conducted a study on the harmful effects of alcohol on durians. The results showed that the durian extract inhibited the activity of aldehyde-degrading enzymes by up to 70%. Therefore, if you have been drinking, you should not eat durian and vice versa.

Dairy products
Some people have the habit of using a few slices of cheese to hangover after drinking for a long time. This may be true, but dairy products are definitely not recommended. Some studies even show that mixing dairy products with alcoholic beverages can affect heart function.

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