Apple is still selling antiques in 2022

Until 2022, these old products have not been completely eliminated by Apple.

Interestingly, the Apple Watch Series 3 from 2017 is still on store shelves, including the Vietnamese market, until this year. At the same time, the iPhone X, released in the same year, is no longer officially on sale. In addition to this product, Apple is also selling other older devices that confuse a lot of people.

Apple is still selling antiques in 2022
Apple is still selling antiques in 2022













Apple Watch Series 3
Apple is still selling the Apple Watch Series 3. It’s a great option for someone who’s never owned an Apple Watch before, and starting at just $4.99 million, it’s an attractive option. However, the user experience of the Apple Watch Series 3 in 2022 is not the best.

Unlike the Apple Watch SE, which only lacks advanced features like the always-on display and electrocardiogram, the Apple Watch Series 3 is outdated by today’s standards. The product’s display remains the same as the first-generation Apple Watch — more square, with larger bezels, and doesn’t support some of the watch faces on the latest version of watchOS.

Plus, the Apple Watch Series 3 has one big problem: the 32-bit S3 chip. It’s also the only Apple Watch still based on the old architecture, as the Apple Watch Series 4 and later already have 64-bit chips. While nearly 5-year-old watches are still running watchOS 8, it’s unclear if they will continue to be updated for another year.

However, the GPS version has only 8GB of memory, making it difficult for users to store data, especially when trying to install software updates on the watch.

iPod touch
A long time ago, Apple released a new iPod touch every year, its counterpart to the iPhone. Introduced in 2019, the seventh-generation iPod touch uses the same A10 chip as the iPhone 7 without any design changes. Since then, the product line has been completely discontinued.

However, Apple still sells this iPod touch model. A 4-inch screen, an aging chip, and poor battery life make the device less suitable for gaming, and Apple Pay doesn’t even have Touch ID on the home button.

Many people think that the iPod is still suitable for kids or iOS newbies. However, when the 128GB version costs $299 (6.86 million VND) the same price as the new iPhone SE, their prices are very controversial.

Apple tv hd
Finally, the fourth-generation Apple TV, aka Apple TV HD, is still marketed by “defective Apple.” The situation here is similar to the Apple Watch Series 3 – the 5-year-old product didn’t offer the best experience.

The Apple TV HD is currently $149, which is a bit pricey for a device that could be discontinued anytime in 2017. Maybe Apple should stop selling the Apple TV HD and focus on a more powerful model, or discount it for those who just bought and want to own a streaming device.

Apple sells but discourages users from buying?
In fact, Apple does not want users to buy these products. There is evidence that none of these products are on display in stores. If you want an Apple Watch Series 3 or iPod touch, you need to ask the salesperson.

Apple knows these products are obsolete, so why continue to sell and support them? Fans still don’t have an answer for the Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV HD, but maybe the brand doesn’t want to abandon the iPod brand, even if it’s an outdated product that no one cares about.

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