Apple seeks to boost production outside of China

Some analysts see Apple’s heavy reliance on China as a potential risk given Beijing’s autocracy and Sino-American friction.

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The Wall Street Journal on May 22 reported that Apple is looking to increase production of its products outside of China due to Beijing’s strict COVID-19 control policy.

Currently, more than 90% of Apple products, such as iPhones, iPads and MacBook computers, are made in China by subcontractors.

Some analysts see the company’s heavy reliance on China as a potential risk given Beijing’s autocracy and Sino-US friction.

[Apple cuts production of iPhones and AirPods]

Any move by Apple, the largest US company by market capitalization, to increase production outside of China would also sway the thinking of other Western companies considering reducing their reliance on China. they belong to them. to China

These considerations are growing this year after Beijing failed to criticize Russia for conducting a special military operation in Ukraine and continued to lock down cities to contain the COVID-19 epidemic.

The closure of cities in China to contain COVID-19 has created bottlenecks for many Western companies. India, Vietnam and some countries in Southeast Asia are the countries that Apple is counting on to redirect production.

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