The Best Ways to Supplement Your Child with Vitamin K2 for Higher Height

Vitamin K2 is considered a micronutrient necessary for height, strong bones in children and the growth of strong bones throughout life.

We all know calcium is important, but it’s not the only nutrient needed to maintain and build healthy bone structure.

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Vitamin K2 – an important “factor” to help build strong bones and increase height

Not only does vitamin K2 support normal blood clotting like vitamin K1, but it is also appreciated for its unexpected health benefits, especially enhancing bone density and promoting health. bone. grow healthy.

Vitamin K2 activates osteocalcin – a protein that transports and integrates calcium into bones. Children and adolescents with the fastest growing bones produce 8 to 10 times the osteocalcin levels than adults.

However, without vitamin K2, this amount of osteocalcin cannot function. When there is enough vitamin K2, osteocalcin is converted from an inactive form to an active form, which binds to calcium in the blood and delivers it to the desired places in the bones, preventing calcium deposits in unnecessary places. in the body. blood vessels and tissues. tenderness…

Vitamin K2 balances the processes of bone formation and bone destruction, helps increase bone density, and helps bones have enough “material” to increase their length. At the same time, it prevents premature calcification of growing cartilage, causing children to stop growing in height when they are immature.

In addition, vitamin K2 promotes the growth of collagen in the bones, which is the basis for the deposition of calcium and other minerals in the bones, making them not only strong but also softer.

A team of American scientists led by Kalkwarf HJ studied 245 girls aged 3-16 over a 4-year period and concluded that there is a positive relationship between good levels of vitamin K2 in the body. Higher bone mineral density and lower bone formation.

Tested in Denmark on a group of healthy children aged 11-12, Dr. O’Connor E found that vitamin K2 supplementation increased osteocalcin activation, increased bone mass, and improved body shape and size. bone size.

Japan is considered to be the country that uses the most vitamin K2 in the daily diet. In a 1995 decision, recognizing the special role of vitamin K2 in bone health, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare recommended that people use vitamin K2 – MK7 on a daily basis.

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