Demand for used equipment in Russia increases dramatically

Demand in Russia’s second-hand smartphone and laptop market rose 44% this month, while supply fell 46%. – high tech fashion.

According to Avito, smartphone sales were up 24% in a month and laptop sales were up 29%. Kommersant Publications cites Yulia & VKontakte as saying that every second of queries in e-catalogs fall on smartphones and tablets (52%), with 16.8% of visitors searching for computers, TVs and tablets. pill. related electronic equipment.

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In addition, smartphones grew by 10% and computers by 22% in March, according to data from Yula & VKontakte. The electronics industry average price rose 11%.

Demand for new smartphones and laptops was also noted. In Svyaznoy, sales for the month were 75% higher than in the previous reporting period. However, demand for laptops increased late last year, mainly for models priced between 30,000 rubles and 50,000 rubles (9 million to 15 million rupiah).

According to a Marvel Distribution representative, the increased interest in used electronics is driven by limited supply in stores and higher prices for new equipment. Experts point out that this behavior is common in all times of crisis, as people want to buy increasingly expensive items for the same price. In this case, sellers also often jack up prices due to reduced supply.

The used electronics market will return to normal as Russia’s temporarily closed brands resume deliveries or buyer focus shifts to other brands.

Recently, Samsung Vice President Han Jong-hee commented on the company’s activities in the Russian market based on recent developments. When asked if Samsung complied with the sanctions regime against Russia, Han replied: “Supplies to the Russian market have been suspended. We are closely monitoring the situation of sanctions. The economic impact on Russia and measures are being taken to minimize the impact. .. in the company.” When asked by shareholders about the business risk associated with the current situation, Khan simply replied that the company was doing “what it can” to limit it.

It was previously reported that shipments to Russia had been suspended due to logistical issues, while Samsung’s factories in Russia continued to operate. But things get more complicated when the shipment of components is interrupted.

Notably, Samsung has announced that the Samsung Pay service will continue to operate in Russia. With Visa and Mastercard leaving Russia, Russians can now only add national payment systems Mir and Samsung Pay.

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