Expert: 5 best drinking habits for the liver

Here are 5 of the best drinking habits for your liver as you age, according to the nutritionists at Eat This, Not That!

Expert: 5 best drinking habits for the liver
Expert: 5 best drinking habits for the liver

1. Drink enough water every day

This may seem basic, but it’s very important. According to Jamie Feit, a registered dietitian, owner of Jamie Feit Nutrition, and an expert at (US), water is especially important for overall liver health by improving muscle function. and reduce the risk of disease.

If you choose to drink enough water, Feit recommends making sure you drink half your weight in ounces (1 ounce = 28.41 milliliters) of water each day.

2. Don’t be afraid to drink coffee and green tea
According to Rashmi Byakodi, according to research, coffee is said to have very amazing liver protective properties.

Studies have shown that drinking coffee can prevent liver malignancies and chronic liver disease, and there are also studies showing that coffee can reduce the risk of cirrhosis.

But if you’re not a coffee fanatic, don’t worry—tea has also been shown to improve inflammation and liver fat thanks to the catechins in green tea extract.

3. Try Beetroot Juice
Beetroot juice (beetroot juice in English) is considered by many nutritionists to be a good drink for liver health.

Beetroot juice is “the most antioxidant-rich beverage you can find,” says Dr. Dimitar Marinov, who specializes in nutrition and nutrition.

It’s rich in a very specific antioxidant called betaine, which is known to boost liver health and reduce oxidative damage and inflammation.

Dr. Byakodi echoed Dr. Marinov’s suggestion, adding that beet juice has been shown to actually alter markers associated with different types of alcohol-induced liver damage.

4. Choose non-alcoholic beverages

What water, coffee, green tea, and beetroot juice have in common is alcohol-free.

“There is no safe amount of alcohol, and drinking in moderation is absolutely unhealthy,” explains Dr. Marinov.

Dr. Marinov cites a new study published in JAMA Network that confirms that alcohol of any kind is unhealthy — upending the belief that moderate drinking can help you live longer.

The study also reiterated that the liver is definitely one of the organs most affected by alcohol consumption.

5. Choose low-sugar or sugar-free beverages
Dr. Marinov also pointed to sugar as a major cause of liver malnutrition.

When you eat too many sweet carbs, it can’t be stored efficiently and the liver starts converting glucose into fat.

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