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Factors that help make Apple more appreciated than Facebook, Google

Unlike Google or Facebook, Apple is considered the technology company that collects the least information from users. Apple is known as a technology company that focuses on user information security. CEO Tim Cook once said that he won’t let advertising overwhelm his products.

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Apple is known as a technology company that focuses on user information security. CEO Tim Cook once said that he will not let advertising dominate his products.

A recent StockApps study corroborates Apple’s claims.

Specifically, according to analysts, out of the top five technology companies, including Google, Twitter, Apple, Amazon and Facebook, Google is the company that holds the most user data. The team collects 39 data points for each user. Meanwhile, this number with Apple is only 12 points. Behind Apple is Facebook with 14 data points.

Apple always emphasizes that it always focuses on the security of personal information for users. Photo: MacRumors.

According to research by StockApps, Apple only stores the information necessary to maintain user accounts. The company also has the most stringent user privacy security system in the tech industry.

The reason is that the company is not as reliant on advertising revenue as Google, Twitter or Facebook, 9to5mac said.

9to5mac also said that Twitter and Facebook collect more information from users than necessary. However, Meta social media data is primarily user-entered information.

StockApps also shows companies that focus only on certain types of data, rather than quantity.

Specifically, Google will collect more data from individual users because it needs this information to identify advertising audiences rather than relying on third-party applications. In particular, the technology company stores information. believe. User location information is also a concern, StockApps said.

Speaking of this, Apple’s Director of User Security Erik Neuenschwander stated that Apple always provides high security for user information, both during use and in the background.

Furthermore, another Beyond Identity survey also shows that most Android users are willing to switch to iOS due to the high information security of this operating system. They also think that compared to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, they feel more secure when using the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max.

“According to many users, the iPhone 13 Pro Max feels safer to use than the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra,” the survey says. In fact, many iPhone 13 users say that Apple smartphones are the most secure devices they have ever used.

Specifically, by surveying 1,000 smartphone users in the US, Beyond Identity shows that up to 76% of users feel more secure on iOS. Even as many as 33% of Android users are considering switching to the upcoming iOS 16 due to the Lockdown Mode feature, which improves data protection.

Also, with Apple’s operating system, most users have never leaked data. But even when this is the case, they are more likely to retrieve information than Android users.

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