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Fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine protects at-risk groups

The fourth dose of Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccine was less effective at generating immunity against the SARS virus, according to a study just published by the Sheba Medical Center in the New England Journal of Medicine, according to a Tel Aviv reporter from Vietnam News Agency. -CoV-2 causes the disease COVID-19.

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The fourth dose showed little or no improvement in resistance to SARS-CoV-2 viral infection compared with immune-producing outcomes in young healthy subjects who received 3 doses of the vaccine. The study also showed that young healthy people who received three doses of the vaccine had moderate immunity.

The Jerusalem Post quoted Professor Gili Regev Yochay, head of the Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Unit at Sheba Medical Center, as saying: “Of the approximately 600 volunteers who participated in this study, 270 participated in this study. At Pfizer Company. The fourth dose of the vaccine or Moderna, we found no difference in IgG and virus-neutralizing antibody levels, only reaching levels similar to those achieved one month after the third dose.” Ms. Yochay confirmed that those who received the fourth booster injection The infection rate in people was only slightly lower than in the control group, but Prof Yochay also stressed the importance of a third shot for people who have never had COVID-19 and those at high risk to protect them from the disease. risk. serious development.

Sheba Medical Center is actively studying the “behavior” of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the effectiveness of a COVID-19 vaccine with the help of databases collected since the beginning of the pandemic. .-19. The research team hopes that this result will help adjust the epidemic prevention policy in Israel and the world.

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