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How soon can I get pregnant after recovering from Covid-19?

Pregnancy after recovery from Covid-19: 2-3 months after negative rapid test within 10 days. You should: eat right, exercise moderately.

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With Covid-19, many women find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to family planning. Many people worry about not being able to hunt the golden tiger in time, so they plan to wait for the child to recover before “release” to become pregnant. But is it advisable to get pregnant immediately after recovering from Covid-19? Let’s see what the experts say!

Q: I just had a rapid test and it came back negative. The body is also healthy and normal, with no signs of fatigue and nothing unusual. My wife and I really want to have a baby. So can I “release” from now on, doc?

MSc Dang Hien (working in Hanoi, specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, ultrasound and high-tech reproductive support) replied as follows:

How soon can I get pregnant after Covid-19?

In fact, there are no studies showing that it is impossible to get pregnant immediately after recovering from Covid-19.

However, I think you should wait a while, at least 2-3 months after taking your Covid-19 medication to get back on your feet, so you should get pregnant to keep your baby safe.

Because, after negativity, your body also needs a certain amount of time to fully recover. Quick test negative, don’t rush to have a baby.

For the safety of yourself and your baby in the future, it is best to work hard for your own health now. Eating right and exercising regularly is enough to keep your body healthy and ready for pregnancy.

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