How to detox properly? Harvard expert’s ‘5 should 1 avoid’ rule

A health expert recently revealed 5 effective ways to deal with alcohol and 1 mistake men should avoid.

Symptoms of binge drinking, such as fatigue, nausea and headaches, serve as a reminder that the body has consumed too much alcohol.

How to detox properly? Harvard expert's '5 should 1 avoid' rule
How to detox properly? Harvard expert’s ‘5 should 1 avoid’ rule

Some people who are intoxicated are also sensitive to light and sound, or feel dizzy or light-headed.

According to Harvard Health (Harvard Medical School’s medical website), alcohol is converted to acetaldehyde, a substance that becomes toxic if present in the body in large quantities.

Drinking alcohol also interferes with brain activity during sleep, so people who are drunk can sometimes have trouble falling asleep.

Dr. Robert Swift, a researcher at Providence Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Rhode Island, USA, shared on Harvard Health about tips for dealing with alcohol.

One of the most commonly reported alcohol-related cures is to drink more alcohol. Many people think that the feeling of intoxication comes when the person is ‘withdrawal’, so drink more alcohol to ease the uncomfortable hangover.

However, Dr. Swift advises people not to do it this way. “Things don’t keep you awake,” he told Harvard Health.

5 effective ways to cure alcohol
Here are 5 effective ways to quit drinking according to Dr. Swift’s advice:

1. Drinking plain water and other liquids can help you get rid of alcohol.

2. Caffeine in tea and coffee can help reduce feelings of nausea.

3. Certain foods may also be helpful. Alcohol can lower blood sugar, so eating foods containing carbohydrates such as bread, rice, etc. can help the body quickly return to normal, reducing headaches or feeling tired.

4. Foods rich in B vitamins and zinc can also help reduce hangovers.

5. Pain relievers can help ease the pain, but it’s important to stay away from Tylenol because residual alcohol in the body can exacerbate the toxic effects of Tylenol’s active ingredient acetaminophen on the liver. . . .

Finally, to avoid getting drunk, you should avoid dark drinks as they can make hangovers worse. Clear colored liquors, such as vodka and gin, will make you less intoxicated than dark colored drinks, like whiskey and red wine.

It is better not to drink too much alcohol in the first place to avoid getting drunk. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans – issued by the US government, moderate alcohol consumption is one serving per day for women and two servings per day for men.

Accordingly, a standard serving of alcohol is approximately:

• 355 ml of regular beer

• Or 150 ml of wine

• Or 45 ml of spirits

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