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Indonesia applies modern transport technology in new capital

According to the plan, vehicles in the country’s new capital Nusantara will use self-driving technology.

Eco-friendly vehicles using modern technologies such as self-driving cars will be widely distributed in Nusantara, the capital of Kalimantan province, according to Indonesia’s Ministry of Transport and Communications.

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At the opening ceremony of the Jakarta Motor Show Week on March 12, Road and Transport Minister Budi Setiadi said that according to the plan, vehicles from the new capital Nusantara will be used, according to a VNA correspondent in Jakarta. use. use. Autonomous driving technology.

According to Mr Setiadi, the idea of ​​operating these vehicles is in line with President Joko Widodo’s directive, under which electric vehicles can only operate in Nusantara to protect the environment.

Mr Setiyadi revealed that the proposal is still being coordinated with infrastructure management. The budgets for this year and next are ready, and even the president’s instructions have been issued. Regulations on autonomous vehicles will be discussed further for successful implementation.

[Indonesia’s new capital bans fossil fuel vehicles]

Earlier, President Jokowi issued a directive banning the circulation of fossil fuel-powered vehicles in the capital Nusantara. In turn, public transportation options here include MRT, light rail, streetcars, shuttle buses…

A number of other facilities will also be built, including shared parking in high-density areas, special pick-up points, moving sidewalk systems, car sharing/carpooling systems, smart parking systems, electric vehicle charging stations, drones, autonomous vehicles (AVs) .

Nusantara, the capital, will also roll out digital electric or hydrogen-powered public transport; prioritizing the use of construction materials that consume less energy and emit less carbon dioxide, equipment and tools made from recycled or local products.

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Japanese auto parts maker Denso hit by cyber attack

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