It turns out that our phones have been charging the wrong way for so long, it’s no wonder the battery still isn’t fully charged.

Do you know how to properly charge your phone? Follow the steps below for faster charging.

After using the phone for a while, you will notice that the battery charges more and more slowly. This happens for many reasons. In this article, I will list the main reasons and how to fix them.

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1. Use airplane mode while charging

Airplane mode on your smartphone turns off all wireless networks and connections, reducing RAM and battery consumption. So before charging, your phone will charge faster if you enable airplane mode.

Then your battery consumption will be greatly reduced, and you can fast charge to reduce your phone charging time by up to 40%. Let’s try it!

2. Turn off your phone to speed up charging

If you’re not using your phone while it’s charging, you can choose to turn it off. The device charges faster when powered off, because when powered on, the hardware and apps running in the background are still active, draining the battery.

So if you choose to turn off your smartphone while charging, it will charge faster.

3. Turn off mobile data, Wifi, GPS and Bluetooth

If you don’t want to turn off your device or turn on airplane mode, you should at least turn off mobile data, Wifi, GPS and Bluetooth.

These forms of wireless connectivity drain a lot of battery and require longer charging times when all turned on. So you’d better turn them off and use fast charging.

4. Use original charger and charging cable

There are different types of chargers on the market. Each type is known for its unique features. However, you must always use a compatible charger.

Each smartphone model has a different capacity battery; therefore, even if they are from the same manufacturer, you will need different chargers for different models of phones.

Phone manufacturers usually offer the most suitable charger for a particular phone model. Therefore, it is better to use the original charger and charging cable to make the battery and phone more sturdy.

5. Use power saving mode

When charging the battery, you can enable battery saver mode, which allows you to save power while charging your phone’s battery. This will indirectly help the battery charging process to proceed faster.

6. Don’t play with your phone while charging

In some cases, the phone exploded when the user was using it while it was charging. Therefore, to be on the safe side, you should limit the usage of your phone while charging.

What’s more, using your smartphone while charging increases the charging time. Therefore, if possible, we should not use our smartphones while charging.

7. Avoid wireless charging

It is undeniable that wireless charging is a new advancement in charging technology. However, wired transmission is always more effective than wireless exposure. Furthermore, wasted energy manifests as excess heat.

Also, wireless chargers offer a much slower charging experience than wired chargers. So it’s best to avoid wireless charging.

8. Never use your computer to charge your phone

The reasoning behind this is easy to understand. Whenever you use a computer to charge your mobile phone, it is not good for your mobile phone, because the USB port of the computer is generally 5V.

Since the USB port only provides half the current, it takes twice as long to fully charge the battery. So it’s best not to charge your phone from your laptop/desktop.

9. Don’t charge the battery from 0 to 100%

Studies have shown that a full charge shortens the life of the battery. However, you may have noticed that whenever your phone battery reaches the 50% mark, it starts to drain itself faster than the 100 to 50% mark.

So be sure to charge your phone when it’s near 50%, unplug the charger when it’s near 95%, and you’ll experience longer battery life and faster charging.

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