Russia considering adding Facebook to the list of ‘extremist groups’?

According to Interfax news agency, on March 11, a Russian court is considering adding social networking platform Facebook to the list of “extremist groups”.


The incident originated on March 10, when an internal email from Meta revealed that the company would temporarily change its policy on hate speech, allowing Facebook and Instagram users to call for violence against people. About Russians and Russian soldiers in the context of the fierce Russian-Ukrainian military conflict.

As a result, the administrators of the two social networking platforms can “relax” their control over inflammatory content targeting Russian President Vladimir Putin or Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko.

A spokesman for Meta said the policy change “is due to Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, the company will temporarily allow political expression, which would be considered a violation of public policy. A company under normal circumstances”. However, the company still does not allow violent calls to Russians.

Last week, Moscow announced a nationwide ban on Facebook in response to the social networking platform blocking Russian media accounts.

TASS news agency also said the country’s authorities had launched an investigation into Meta’s actions.

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