Samsung launches world’s fastest DRAM graphics memory

According to Samsung, the 24 Gigabit Graphics 6 (GDDR6) double data rate adopts 3rd generation, 10 nanometer technology and has 30% faster data processing speed than existing products.


On July 14, South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics announced that it has developed a new DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) graphics chip with faster speed and improved power efficiency. . .

According to the company, the 24 gigabit Graphics 6 (GDDR6) double data rate adopts 3rd generation 10 nanometer technology and offers 30% faster data processing speed than existing products.

The new DRAM chip can process graphics at up to 1.1 terabytes per second, which Samsung claims is the fastest in the world and is equivalent to processing 275 Full HD movies in under a second.

Graphics DRAM is widely used in high-power 3D games, personal computers, laptops, or high-resolution video players. In the future, graphics DRAM is also expected to be used in high-performance computers, electric cars, and self-driving vehicles.

Samsung Electronics begins mass production of 3nm chips

Samsung said that because the new chip meets industry standards from the Solid State Technology Association (JEDEC) – a semiconductor organization in charge of chip standardization – graphics and artificial intelligence companies can easily apply.

Through the application of dynamic voltage scaling technology, GDDR6 DRAM also improves power efficiency by more than 20%.

Samsung will mass-produce new graphics chips at the right time to meet growing customer demand and will seek to dominate the next-generation graphics DRAM market.

According to global technology market researcher Omdia, Samsung accounts for 38.9% of the global graphics DRAM market share in 2021, followed by US chipmaker Micron Technology with 33.3% and South Korea’s SK Hynix. Country. Nation. At the national level with 27.8%.

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