Should Microsoft bring Android to Surface Neo?

Maybe using Android on Surface Neo will bring more interesting effects

In October 2019, Microsoft wowed the tech world with the introduction of two new devices: Surface Duo and Surface Neo. Both are dual-screen devices, but the Surface Duo is an Android phone, while the Surface Neo is said to be a new era of Windows 10X PCs. This is a brand new operating system with user experience at its core.

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A lot has changed since that fall. The Surface Duo has been around for nearly a year and has many limitations, but the Surface Duo 2 is a significant improvement. But the Surface Neo promised at the end of 2020 remains to be seen.

The reason for the sudden disappearance of Surface Neo is said to be the removal of Windows 10X. During the epidemic, Microsoft concentrated its resources to integrate the design of Windows 10X into the new operating system Windows 11. The strategy worked, and Windows 11 helped reinvigorate the PC market. Transparent. last time.

But what about the Surface Neo’s hardware? Should Microsoft bring Android to this device? There are many reasons to do this, and many reasons not to.

Foldable computers are bigger

The first foldable laptop was Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Fold. It has an impressive 13.3-inch QXGA OLED display, but it’s too small to be used as a laptop. The machine weighs about 1kg, and it feels a bit difficult to hold a book for a long time.

Between now and the end of the year, expect a flood of 16- to 17-inch foldable laptops. While you don’t want to hold on to a 17-inch foldable PC for long periods of time, having a small and portable 17-inch PC is actually very attractive.

The Surface Neo, on the other hand, has two 9-inch displays that, when stretched to their maximum, result in a 13.1-inch display. It brought a new trend to folding laptops.

But there is a problem. Windows 11 is not an operating system for tablets. Currently, Windows 11 cannot take advantage of dual or folding screens.

Surface Neo running Android makes more sense

Surface Neo running Windows 10X is not displaying as expected. However, if you replace the OS with Android on your Surface Neo, things could be very different.

Microsoft has experience improving Android Dual Screen on Surface Duo and Duo 2. Actually, the experience is not bad. With Google aggressively developing Android apps and settings to support foldable or dual-screen devices, it would be even better if it was included in the Surface Neo.

Microsoft can fully pre-install its Android app on this device. This will ensure activities like work and play are always guaranteed on Surface Neo.

In fact, Microsoft is trying to integrate more with Android. It makes Android development a core priority for Microsoft’s Devices and Experiences team and is hiring many Android developers. Microsoft’s ambitions in the Android world seem to be much bigger than imagined.

Dangerous game?

In an interview with The Verge, Microsoft’s vice president and chief product officer in early 2019, Panos Panay asked, “…what’s the right OS for this product form factor?” Speaking of Surface Duo.

He answered his question as follows: “…in this case, on mobile, Android is the obvious choice. But Windows is still everything”.

Windows still works fine. But larger offerings between Neo and Duo may struggle to succeed.

Panay thinks Windows is the right choice for the Surface Neo. But that happened before Windows 10X fell out of favor, especially on 17-inch foldable PCs. The current development of folding screen devices has changed many people’s views on folding screen devices.

Of course, it’s hard to say whether Microsoft intends to revive the Surface Neo to support Windows 11 running Android or a better customized and optimized version.

But if Microsoft does move to Android, the risks are obvious, because Microsoft has no strength in Android devices. Microsoft itself has to admit that Android is the dominant mobile operating system and Windows is the best solution for desktops and laptops.


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