Tesla allows Ukrainians to charge electric cars for free

However, the policy only applies to charging stations in Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, as Tesla does not officially operate in Ukraine.

In a public email to employees earlier this week, Tesla announced its support for the Ukrainian people in many forms during the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Tesla allows Ukrainians to charge electric cars for free
Tesla allows Ukrainians to charge electric cars for free

Although not operating in Ukraine, Tesla said about 5,000 Tesla electric vehicle owners and others in Ukraine can charge for free at Supercharger stations in neighboring countries including Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. near. .Ukraine.

In addition, the company also supports Ukrainian employees to return to China to join the military. According to the notice, Ukrainian employees can enjoy 3 months of full salary after enlisting in the army.

“We will serve as reservists for the recalled Ukrainian employees and pay them three months’ wages,” Tesla said in an email.

This email will be sent to all employees in the EMEA region. It’s unclear whether the policy applies to North America or the rest of the world. In three months, Tesla will reassess the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian military conflict and offer policies to support employees in the field, CNBC reported.

Ukraine had previously called on men between the ages of 18 and 60 to join the military to create a reserve army, according to a decree issued by President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

In the email, Tesla encouraged company employees who helped SpaceX bring Starlink’s satellite internet service to Ukraine. As such, the company’s Tesla Energy division supplies Powerwall battery charging systems for Starlink devices in Ukraine.

Tesla employees use inverters and charging cables for Starlink and Powerwall systems. The devices are funded by company-approved component factories. Meanwhile, employees recycle scrap from Tesla’s factory on the outskirts of Berlin to make AC cables that power Starlink equipment.

Tesla isn’t the only company with policies to support employees in the face of tensions between Russia and Ukraine, according to CNBC.

Other automakers such as General Motors and Ford have also announced they are halting operations in Russia. Multinational automaker Stellantis has also created a support team to help its 71 employees in Ukraine with health and safety issues.

Previously, Starlink launched a satellite internet service in Ukraine. Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov has asked Chief Executive Elon Musk to help the country’s internet, fearing it will be cut off if Russia attacks its telecommunications infrastructure.

Just two days after Fedorov’s Twitter call, the Starlink satellite receiver was delivered to Ukraine. Satellite internet services will make an important contribution to helping Eastern European countries stay connected and communicate at home and abroad. However, many experts believe that the equipment Elon Musk sent to Ukraine could be used by Russia to locate and target air strikes.

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