‘The culprit’ causes severe vision loss in women

For those starting to reach the ageing threshold, watch out for UV rays!

Since the age of 25, collagen has decreased, and women in general, especially office workers, will nod their heads and say, “I’m not afraid of anything, I’m just afraid of getting old.” Time not only flies like a ray of sunshine sung by Bukit Tu, it also makes The “enemy” of a woman’s beauty fading away quickly. But with a little attention, there is another “culprit” that is accelerating the skin aging process.

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Well, look at UV rays.

Harmful Effects of UV Light

Longtime followers of the skincare industry know how annoying UV rays can be. More specifically, UVA rays are the main cause of tanning, and they affect many layers of the skin, not just the surface. It is the cause of wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity and even skin cancer. On the other hand, UVB rays can cause sunburn, dark spots and changes in skin pigmentation.

In addition to high destructive power, the penetration ability of UVA rays is also quite strong. If UVB rays are blocked by glass, UVA rays can still easily pass through this shield. Unless your car windows or the windows where you live or work are specifically designed to filter UVA radiation.

The advent of sunscreens can convert UV rays into rays that are good for the skin

UV rays are crowded and free, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be “tamed.” It’s no joke that UV rays can still be a good light for the skin if converted properly.

You may not know that spirulina has existed for 3 billion years and has the endurance to survive in harsh environments such as strong alkalis. Together with the cyanobacteria of the same family, it has added a rich supply of oxygen to the world. The key to what makes spirulina so powerful is the phycobilisome, a special system of photosynthesis that uses “antennas” to help collect light and convert it into as much energy as possible.

$650,000 in lost iCloud functionality

$650,000 in lost iCloud functionality

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