The drug is expected to treat the final stage of Covid-19 disease

The Israeli pharmaceutical technology company Bonus BioGroup stated that it is developing and testing a drug to treat the final stage of the Covid-19 disease. The drug has an effective rate of 94% in saving the lives of critically ill patients.

Fox News reported on November 23 that Bonus BioGroup’s MesenCure cell therapy has just received Phase II clinical trial results.

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Therefore, the effectiveness of the drug was observed in 50 patients during pneumonia and life-threatening respiratory failure. After taking the medicine, 47 patients were out of danger.

Bonus BioGroup research leader Dr. Tomer Bronshtein said that MesenCure has been shown to save “three-quarters of patients at risk of dying from Covid-19, while reducing the risk of dying from Covid-19.” The length of hospital stay was halved.

Clinical trial results also show that the therapy can promote healing, reduce permanent tissue damage, and reduce the risk of “long-term Covid-19”, which means that symptoms persist. After the patient recovered. The result was negative for the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

Dr. Bronshtein explained: “MesenCure is a drug made from living cells injected into the patient’s body. When they reach the lungs, the cells “fill up” the inflamed area and trigger a mechanism to secrete molecules and compounds. Relieve the site of virus attack.

Dr. Bronshtein also said that the new treatment also reduced pneumonia and edema, allowing patients to breathe.

“At the same time, these cells also improved a condition called the’cytokine storm’, which is an overreaction of the immune system when it tries to fight the virus,” said the Israeli researcher.

The Jerusalem Post reported in August that the Israeli Ministry of Health had approved the expanded use of MesenCure. The results showed that 15 of the 17 critically ill patients were discharged one day after receiving the last dose of treatment.

Based on the Phase II results, Bonus BioGroup is requesting the Israeli Ministry of Health to approve emergency use in the country and initiate phase III clinical studies.


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