The ‘Golden’ Advice to Help You Lose Weight Effectively

You may believe that your determination to lose weight can help you achieve your goals for a healthy life.

But focusing on the numbers on the scale can distract you from making changes that actually improve your health.

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Be cautious about losing weight
“I’m a strong advocate for pursuing health-promoting behaviors based on weight alone,” says Candace Pumper, a registered dietitian at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. Losing weight isn’t good or bad by itself, but it’s important to get involved. Consider your health history and social pressures, such as food culture or beauty standards. This. .This’.

Weight loss requires caution.

She added: “Losing weight should be done with care. Small actions and habits, such as eating fruit and vegetables with most meals, or drinking a glass of water before breakfast, after talking to your doctor, can lead to a healthier lifestyle. .. health. good health. healthiest.

“Most people equate weight loss with endurance,” says Philadelphia-based nutritionist and body positivity advocate Darina Soto. “But focusing on weight isn’t always the most effective way to get in shape.”

“Working with your body, not against it, will help you live your fullest, healthiest life,” says Pumper.

Weight isn’t everything

The distribution of body fat is not as under our control as we think. This distribution is largely genetic and plays a role in shaping our body size, making it harder or easier to gain or lose weight. For example, someone may be naturally thin, but that doesn’t mean they’re immune to diet and exercise-related health problems.

“Our bodies don’t care how we think we look. Your weight matters when you’re fueling properly and moving in a way that works for you,” Pumper says.

Issues such as high cholesterol can also be inherited, regardless of diet or exercise. These health and physical factors are not really under our control, so it becomes even more important to discuss your specific situation with your healthcare provider and family. Compare. Compare. more important.

‘Inheritance is inevitable; we can’t change it, but we can learn to live with it,’ says Pumper. However, if setting weight goals is important to you, Pumper recommends that you consider the value of those goals to you, your well-being , your quality of life, and the meaning of your relationships. Your system. Your system. Your system. If you’re concerned about your eating habits and weight loss, consider talking to a healthcare professional.

How to change your lifestyle?
Shifting the focus from weight to lifestyle changes helps more in the long run. “In the process of paying attention to how you’re feeling, weight changes can happen spontaneously,” Pumper said. “But it’s important to achieve your goals while practicing healthy behaviors — not harmful behaviors, such as fasting or excessive exercise, which have been used to gain or lose weight…a certain shape.

If I could only give you one piece of advice, it would be this: don’t blindly pursue results without considering the impact of the process on your health and well-being.

Pumper also encourages you to ask yourself some questions, specifically focusing on what this change means for your life and future values: Why is this purpose important to you? friend? with me? What will happen when I reach this goal? Are my goals aligned with my values? What risks are involved? What behaviors will I use to achieve my goals, and can I maintain these behaviors over time? …

“Go into your life and focus on the things that make your mind and body feel good. At the same time, let go of everything that has nothing to do with your health,” Soto adds.

“Once you decide to make a lifestyle change, start small and develop a strategy. Taking small steps can help you build new healthy habits and behaviors (whatever that means for you), rather than taking big strides. Set an intention and stick to it Go on. The only way to make progress is to use habits and behaviors consistently.”

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