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The iPhone’s internet connection quality is much worse than its high-end Android rivals


The cellular signal quality of the Apple iPhone 13 is much worse than other Android smartphones. This result is given by the editors of the Chinese blog MyDrivers.

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This result is given by the editors of the Chinese blog MyDrivers. Editors have noted that the gaming experience on smartphones is affected by network signal issues. If the signal is relatively good, most smartphones should have no problem. But when the signal is relatively poor, it shows the difference in the strength of each phone.

To solve this problem, the team has prepared a series of recent smartphones for testing. The smartphones tested this time include OnePlus 10 Pro, iPhone 13, Redmi K50, and Motorola X30, four popular mobile phones.

First, the test environment is an area away from the public office Wi-Fi server, which is essentially a low-signal environment. Because they found that in the test in the normal environment of the office area, the difference in the network reception of the 4 mobile phones was essentially the same and not obvious. So they changed the test environment to an area with a weaker signal.

This signal test method is to play three games, “League of Legends”, “Peace Elite” and “Call of Duty”, and test the game opening speed and game experience, respectively. Please check the game scene to see if the mobile phone can still play normally in the Wi-Fi environment with poor signal.

Therefore, although iPhone 13 is the most expensive among these mobiles with powerful hardware both in terms of game optimization, mobile heating performance and battery life, in terms of signal, iPhone 13 is definitely in the last place.

So if your home Wi-Fi is good and you basically only use it for gaming, you might be better off going with the iPhone 13. If you frequently play outside or the Wi-Fi signal is weak, give it a try. The iPhone 13 gaming signal will be greatly reduced.

For some other smartphones, as long as the signal is not too bad, users can get a smoother gaming experience in most cases. Compared to the iPhone 13, Android smartphones are not inferior in signal performance.


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