The Italian government approved a new decree on the prevention of the COVID-19 pandemic

All Italians over 50 years old must be vaccinated; people over 50 years old (as of February 15) must present a “Super Green Card” to confirm that they have been vaccinated or are back to health.

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At a meeting on January 5, the Italian government approved a new decree in response to the complex development of the country’s COVID-19 pandemic.

All Italians over the age of 50 must be vaccinated; those over the age of 50 and working (as of February 15) must show a “super green card”, which means that they have been vaccinated or have recovered, but due to the doctor’s For appointments, there are some exceptions for health factors. confirm.

At the same time, the Ministry of Health’s motion to apply for “super green cards” to all employees was not passed, mainly because of opposition from the party’s trade unions.

On the contrary, the regulations only require workers and customers in specific areas such as personal services, business services, shopping centers, etc. to obtain basic green cards, including negative test results. Shop. Shopping and healthcare. Shopping malls, office buildings, public services…

At the meeting, the Italian government also agreed to allow schools to reopen from January 10 and take detailed decentralized epidemic prevention measures. For preschool students, if at least 1 positive case is found, the entire class will be quarantined.

Delta variants still account for the majority of COVID-19 cases in Italy

At the same time, if there are 2 positive cases, the primary group will be isolated (7 days), if there is only 1 positive case, face-to-face learning combined with supervised testing will be conducted.

For high school students, the class will pay close attention to whether 1 case is positive; if there are 2 cases, they must wear FFP2 masks; all students who have not been vaccinated must take distance learning under 3 conditions; if there are 4 or more Circumstances, if any, in many cases, the entire class must be quarantined.

In addition, the Italian government has approved an intensive vaccination program for children aged 12-15.

The Italian government meeting was held in the context of the increasing number of infections in the country, and the number of new cases reached 189,109 on January 5.

After the meeting, Italian Prime Minister Draghi affirmed that the purpose of these new measures is to maintain the normal operation of hospitals, schools and enterprises and limit the increase in the number of infections. And encourage people to participate in vaccination as required.

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