Use… cow dung as a battery

A group of British farmers are turning livestock manure into commercially available AA-size batteries.
According to the “Sun” report, as part of the UK’s renewable energy solutions, batteries can be recharged.

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As we all know, 1 kg of cow dung can generate 3.75 kilowatt-hours of electricity, which is enough to provide 3.5 hours of electricity for the iron and help the vacuum cleaner to work for 5 hours.

The cow dung battery is the product of a collaboration between the dairy company Arla and the battery manufacturer GP Batboards. They claim that the dung of a cow can provide enough energy to power three homes for a year. As a result, their 460,000 head of cattle can power 1.2 million homes in the UK.

Cow manure is converted into energy through anaerobic digestion, which in turn produces gas and bio-fertilizer. The biogas will be purified and sent to the thermal power unit to generate renewable energy.
Anaerobic digestion can not only produce energy, but also provide nutrient-rich natural fertilizers for soil and plants.

Many British ranchers use energy from cow dung to run machines. Graham Wilkinson-Arla’s agricultural director said that the UK government should consider using livestock manure to promote solutions for the renewable energy industry.

A British company called Easy Crypto Hunter is also working with British farmers to sell the energy in cow dung to cryptocurrency miners. Only in this way can both parties benefit. Farmers earn extra income, and Easy Crypto Hunter can profit by selling excavators to customers who want to mine cryptocurrency without affecting the environment.

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