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Users complain about battery drain on iOS 15.4

Since its March 15 launch, iOS 15.4 has been plagued by users complaining about running out of battery. However, this is only a short-term problem.

According to BGR, iPhone users often complain about battery life after each round of Apple’s new OS update. iOS version 15.4 is no exception.

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On Twitter, a series of customers spoke of severe battery drain. Most people think the usage time is only about half as long as before the update.

“IOS 15.4 is causing my iPhone 13 Pro Max to drain very quickly. Before that, I could go days without a charge. Currently, it only has about half a day of battery life,” user Oded Shopen shared on Twitter.

However, according to the Daily Mail, the problem of a sharp drop in battery life after an update usually doesn’t last long. Additionally, ZDNet author Adrian Kingsley-Hughes explained that updating to the new operating system on the iPhone will trigger a slew of apps to run in the background.

Not only is this a waste of power, but recalibration may cause users to worry about the loss of battery capacity. However, this is inaccurate and short-lived.

Also, some previously installed apps may not adjust after an update. Combined with the plethora of new features available, battery drain issues are not surprising.

Basically, it will take a few days for the iPhone to recalibrate and everything will be back to normal. Of course, users should also check the battery health on the phone to make sure there are no issues. To see the current battery capacity, just go to Settings -> Battery -> Battery Health.

iOS 15.4 brings a lot of must-have features to users. In particular, the ability to unlock with Face ID while wearing a mask received the most attention. However, due to the high requirements for sensors, this function only supports iPhone 12 and above models.

Additionally, iOS 15.4 adds new security features to AirTag finder and 37 new emojis and sounds for the Siri virtual assistant.

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