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WHO declares COVID-19 pandemic not over

The World Health Organization believes that the “acute phase” of the pandemic could end by the end of 2022, but this will depend on achieving the COVID-19 vaccine coverage target of 70% of the world’s population. gender. gender. How fast the world is.

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World Health Organization (WHO) spokeswoman Margaret Harris said the COVID-19 pandemic continued, citing an increase in new COVID-19 infections in the latest weekly statistics. .

The pandemic “is not over” and the world is “definitely still in a pandemic phase”, Ms Harris told a March 18 news conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

Earlier, the UN health agency said the “acute phase” of the pandemic could end by the end of 2022, but that would depend on achieving rapid coverage of a COVID-19 vaccine. fast. fast. how. for 70% of the population of each country.

More than a month after a decline in new COVID-19 infections was recorded, infections rose again globally in the week of March 7-13, especially in parts of Asia, including the United States, according to the World Health Organization. America. America. .China had to implement lockdown measures to control the spread of the disease.

Specifically, in the week from March 7 to 13, the number of new COVID-19 cases increased by 8% from a week earlier, with more than 11 million new cases and more than 43,000 deaths.

As of March 13, 2022, more than 455 cases of the disease have been recorded worldwide, and more than 6 million people have not survived.

WHO warns of sudden surge in global COVID-19 cases

In terms of regions, new cases in the Western Pacific, Africa, and Europe increased by 29%, 12%, and 2%, respectively, compared with the previous week, while those in the Eastern Mediterranean, Southeast Asia, and the Americas decreased by 24% and 21%, respectively. and 20%.

Global deaths, however, fell by 17%. Deaths fell in most regions, with the exception of the Western Pacific, which saw a 12 percent increase.

WHO believes that the global increase in the number of new cases is the result of a combination of factors, including the spread of the Omicron variant and the BA.2 subline, and the lifting of social restrictions in many countries. family. family. family. and medical.

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