Yeelight Lightstrip And LED Bulb 1S Razer Chroma Integration Review

Yeelight products now work with Razer Chroma. This means that the lighting of your games can be synced across multiple devices and across your room with the LED bulbs. Our kit included the Yeelight Lightstrip 1S and two of the Color 1S bulbs.

These Yeelight products do what they more premium products do but they are inexpensive and do not require a hub. Some gamers were in favor of the more premium options because they wanted to connect the RGB lighting across their rooms synced with their games and PC components. Yeelight products can do that now with Razer Chroma integration.

Yeelight Razer Chroma Integration Review

The Color Bulb 1S has been around for a while now and multiple outlets have reviewed it. The Lightstrip on the other hand is relatively new. Here we are going to look into the Razer Chroma integration rather than each of these products in depth.

Kit And Setup

Our kit included the Yeelight Lightstrip 1S and two of the Color 1S bulbs. Both come in nice clean packaging with nothing too fancy.

Yeelight Razer Chroma

The boxes have everything that you need. The bulbs are in a holder and are covered in a protective cover. The Strip is found in a spiral when you open up the box. The strip itself is on the upper part of the box while the power unit and the button is tucked away under the top partition. The box includes two types of plugs which is very nice.

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Both of these work without a hub and you need to install the Yeelight app on your phone in order to set them up. Pairing is pretty easy as well. For the Lightstrip which I installed around my PC desk, all I had to do was plug in the strip and hold down the button, unplug it, plug it in again and release the button, that is it. It showed up on the app and I could take things from there.

Yeelight Razer Chroma

Setting up the bulbs is even easier. All you have to do is install them in the holders then turn them on and off 5 times. That will make them cycle through the different colors which means that they are ready to be paired. When that happens you can select them in the Yeelight app and set the different colors that you like.

From the Yeelight app, you can sync the different devices with one another and make rooms. You can turn them on and off and play around with the settings.


There are all kinds of different customization settings that you can use. You can choose from thousands of solid colors or you can choose from one of the presets. You can also make a preset of your own.

Lighting presets

The Sunrise setting for example mimics the sunrise and the brightness of the devices is going to increase slowly. Similarly, you have the sunset preset which decreases the brightness of the devices over time until they turn off entirely.

Just like other similar products on the market these devices also work with Alexa, HomeKit, Google Home and SmartThings.

Razer Chroma Integration And Other Sync Options

To sync the Yeelight light strip and bulbs with your games and PC, you will need to download the Razer Synapse software. Note that you do not need to have any Razer products in order for the lighting to work but if you do then that means that you Razer products will sync with the lighting as well and things will look much better.

Download the Razer Synapse software and the Yeelight software on your PC and then you will need to download the Razer connector app in the Yeelight software. Devices on your local network will be detected and added to the list. Make sure that the Yeelight connector is enabled in the Razer Synapse software.

The effects that you will get depend on the game. Some games have some complex lighting effects while others will have rather simple effects. It all comes down to the games that support the feature and how the developers have added the lighting functionality into the game.

In Overwatch, the color is going to change when you change the character on the character selection screen. Other than that the lighting effects for the game are subtle and ambient. In Apex Legends, the lighting is going to change when you heal or take damage. The lighting effects for Apex Legends are much more complex and varied as compared to Overwatch.

Other than that, you can sync the lighting to the color of the tab that you have open. You can sync it to what you are doing on your PC. This means that the lighting is going to change according to the music or video that you are watching.


One of the issues with the devices is that they rely on a network and you will need to have a decent connection in order to make the most of them. The lights only use a 2.4 GHz frequency and not 5GHz. If you have a big home then you might need a Wi-Fi extender. The same goes if you have an older home with thicker walls through which signals cannot pass easily.

Other than that these lighting devices are great and I had a lot of fun with them. I have been testing them for a month and they have been great conversation starters when people came over and saw the changing lighting effects.

I like how these devices do not need a hub to work and how easy it is to play around with them via the app. Also, you do not need any Razer products in order to make them work with Razer Synapse. Note that these do only work with Windows and do not support Mac as of right now.

The Yeelight strip and bulbs do their job and the Razer Chroma integration makes the experience and functionality of these devices much better. They are already cheaper than the competition which is why we do recommend trying them out.

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